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5 Skincare Routine Changes for Fall

Changing weather brings changing skincare.

  1. Bring on the acids. Salicylic acid paired with vitamin C is a great team for detoxing the skin from dead skin cells. Found in exfoliators like LaMarriia's Strawberry Oats Body Scrub Bar, natural acids are the perfect solution to summer's sun damage.

  1. Speaking of sun damage, don't ditch that SPF! Many think SPF is only for the summer season, but don't be fooled, you should be using an SPF on your skin every day. (Pro tip for sensitive skin: Find a mineral sunscreen rather than a chemical option.)

  1. Try out a face roller. As the seasons change, so can your skin. We recommend using a rose quartz or jade face roller to improve elasticity, blood circulation, and alleviate the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles.

  1. It's time for the heavy duty stuff. A rich, creamy moisturizer is a great option for colder climates rather than lightweight and dewy options. Our Cos. Almond Lait Bar, a full-body cleanser blended with coconut and vitamin E, is packed with moisture that protects the skin from the harshest of weather.

  1. Utilize your nighttime routine. While we sleep our skin has time to repair itself therefore, having a nighttime skincare routine is best for maximum effects. Applying a moisturizer and cleanser before bed are both easy and intense steps towards glowing skin.

Seeking more info? Keep an eye out for next week's Wellness Tips.

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