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3 Habits for Healthy Skin

Health is the most coveted aspect of life we can strive for. Building a healthy, balanced skin barrier is made easier when

adopting habits your skin loves.

1) Changing towels and washcloths

Bacteria hides in all things damp, so make sure you're changing out your bath products twice a month. Forgetting to regularly replace these items can invite body acne and overproduction of oils.

2) Hydrating - both inside and out

Drinking water is the best detox on the market. Water keeps your body refreshed and helps maintain your skin's elasticity. Warding off scars and wrinkles isn't just left to the electrolytes, ensure you're choosing moisturizing skin and body products.

3) Choosing the correct skincare

Know your skin type and choose products wisely. If you're beginning your regimen from scratch trying gentle, harsh chemical-free products are your best option.

The Rosess Facial Cleanser is sensitive skin-friendly rosewater serum that gently balances oils and cleanses without leaving the skin too tight. For more severe acne or skin conditions, we always recommend a visit to the doctor or dermatologist for advice.

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